Youth Shelter

NFHC’s Youth Shelter offers shelter and respite care, family reunification, case management, and life skills training for children ages 0-18. Services are available to runaway and homeless youth, families in need of “time-out” respite, and children involved with Child Protective Services, juvenile probation, or the regional behavioral health authority.

The Youth Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Currently, our Children’s Shelter maintains 12 beds. Youth Shelter services include:

    • Safe shelter
    • Case management
    • Family reunification
    • Referrals
    • Youth outreach
    • Life education and recreational activities
    • Runaway and homeless youth service
    • Counseling
    • Advocacy
    • Respite

Children Learn What They Live

Children who live in an unhealthy household may learn that it is normal to…

    • Hurt others to get what they want
    • Injure or abuse a loved one when angry
    • Blame other people for their actions
    • Hide their feelings
    • Live with abuse and neglect
    • Solve problems through violence

Adults set examples children learn from, which is why the staff of the Youth Shelter work hard to create a positive and safe atmosphere.

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Youth Shelter Vision Statement:
“We believe youth can manage their own behavior when consistent verbal support and environmental structure are provided, in order to maintain their safety and the safety of others.”

At NFHC, we believe that youth can take personal accountability with the right structure and supports. With verbal support and environmental structure, youth are able to learn and practice responsibility for their person and immediate environment. Youth are engaged in activity from the time they wake up until bed time. Through practicing accountability during daily activities and interactions, youth can successfully transition to a situation with less direct supervision.

We reinforce positive behavior and choices through encouragement and affirming each youth’s decisions. It is of utmost importance in our belief system to give youth the opportunity to make a choice to change their behavior.

Based on our vision, our target population is inclusive of many youth. While we believe all youth are able to make positive decisions, not all youth are ready for that responsibility. Youth who consistently choose to make self-destructive decisions are not appropriate for our program; however, they may become suitable later. Thus we will consider youth at various points in that youth’s life.