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2nd Annual Adopt-A-Family

As Northland Family Help Center begins to prepare for our 39th holiday season, we are also preparing for our 2nd annual Adopt-A-Family program.

Many of our clients experience financial burdens after crime victimization especially those that have experienced Domestic Violence. Our clients typically have one or more jobs, are single parents, have recently experienced a divorce or trauma, and/or live on fixed incomes. Our clients are generous and caring and it is so hard for them to ask for this kind of help. Every year we see first-hand how economic barriers can lead some of our clients into depression during the holiday season because they can’t give their children the Christmas presents they have asked for. But, with your help we can change that!

If you are interested in Adopting a Family as a business or individually please contact: Heather Marcy, NFHC Development Manager at 928-233-4306 or by email

From there Heather will send you family stories and wishlists for this holiday season and you can pick the family or individual whose needs speak to you. Thank you and Happy Holidays!