Community Education

Northland Family Help Center provides Community Education in sexual violence prevention and the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships. The department consists of two main programs:

Safe Dates

The Safe Dates Curriculum is an effective, research-based program that targets the attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of communication skills, effectively handling anger and other emotions, overcoming gender stereotypes, along with many other topics. The program is designed to reach middle and high school students.

Arizona Safer Bars Alliance

In 2012, we established the Arizona Safer Bars Alliance (ASBA) and created a unique project that uses a multi-session curriculum to train alcohol-serving staff on bystander interventions. The project unites bar owners, employees, patrons, and community members across Arizona and promotes positive skills building to reduce sexual aggression in our communities.

Community Events

Community Education is also available to support local community events, health and wellness expos, fairs and festivals, and college events with an informational table and trained staff to provide information and answer questions. Please contact Community Education if you are interested in having us at your next event.


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