Flagstaff Initiative Against Trafficking

The Flagstaff Initiative Against Trafficking (FIAT) is a community collective of professional service providers and volunteers who want to end Human Trafficking. There are 29 active members on the coalition and in 2017-2018, 48 adults and 28 youth have been identified.

The goals of FIAT are to:

* Construct a unified response for trafficking victims and survivors to get out of the life safely

* Educate and to bring awareness to our community on human trafficking in order to drive down demand

* Collect data to determine the true impact of Human Trafficking in Flagstaff

FIAT was created in August 2017 by Kate Wyatt, Human Trafficking Project Coordinator and is housed at Northland Family Help Center. We continue to see a demand in our area through various online advertisements and sting operations. If you would like to learn more about the Flagstaff Initiative Against Trafficking, please feel free to contact Kate Wyatt at 928-233-4319 or by email at kwyatt@northlandfamily.org or follow FIAT on one of our social media pages.