Adopt-A-Family 2020

As Northland Family Help Center begins to prepare for our 42nd holiday season, we wanted to let you know that we still plan to continue our annual Adopt-A-Family Program. Due to COVID-19 we recognize that many people may be financially unable to give in the ways that they were able to last year. We are also working to modify the Adopt-A-Family Program with the health and safety of everyone in mind to be as contactless as possible this year.

Our clients experienced financial burdens due to both crime victimization and COVID-19. Many were impacted through loss of employment, furloughs, and absence of child support due to the job loss of a former spouse. As we always share and what remains is that the people we serve have multiple jobs, are single parents, have recently experienced a divorce or trauma, and/or live on fixed incomes. Our clients are generous and caring and give back to this community in a variety of ways by sewing masks, volunteering, and helping others find the resources they need if they experience hard times. With your help many of our families will experience a brighter holiday season, they will feel hopeful going into 2021, and they will appreciate your generosity more than we can ever express to you through words.

If you are interested and able to adopt a family as a group, business, or individually please contact: Heather Marcy, NFHC Deputy Director at 928-233-4306 or by email From there Heather will send you family stories and wish lists for this holiday season and you can pick the family or individual whose needs speak to your heart. Thank you and Happy Holidays!