Agency News

We are in need of items for the shelter!

Shelter Wish List Items

To Schedule a drop-off please contact us at 928-527-1900 and let the staff know you are looking to schedule a drop-off of agency wish list items.

We also utilize an online list for shelter needs through Through this site anything you buy gets shipped directly to NFHC!  Click on the link below to see what other items we’re in need of

Items needed for the Youth Shelter

Small Earbuds (universal type), Watercolor paints, Sketch/Watercolor books, Paint Pallets

Items needed for Domestic Violence Shelter

Currently we have several small children and are out of diapers, particularly size 4 to 6 and baby wipes.

Blankets; size twin or full, Bicycle Pump and tube replacements, Helmets/ Protective Gear, Kids’ outdoor games, Sunblock, Chapstick, Toaster, Kids PJ pants, New Crayons/ Markers Colored Pencils, Scissors/ Kids Scissors, Eating utensils, Size 4/5 diapers, Wipes, Unused Makeup, Reg. tampons unscented, Scooters and Bikes!

Thank you!